Here are 5 steps to Flyboard:

Step One – After you have donned your shorts or bikini, watersports helmet and life jacket,  slip your feet into the Flyboard boots and slide yourself into the water from our floating deck. 

Step Two – Ok, now you are suited up and ready to go. Lie down in the water on your stomach. Face away from the PWC. The captain will then start up the pwc and give it a very small amount of gas.

Step Three – As the PWC thrust kicks in, you will feel the Flyboard tug at your feet. The Flyboard will then begin to push you through the water. Take a minute and get used to the feeling of being propelled through the water. Play with it. Get the feel of being pushed through the lake by a stream of water.

Step Four – When you are comfortable, the captain will give you some more gas. When you are ready, place your feet underneath you (don’t bend your knees) and up you go. The best description of the move is that it’s like doing “the worm” on the dance floor. Once you get up in the air—avoid the temptation to look down. Looking down will move your center of gravity forward and you will most likely lose your balance.

The captain controls the height of your flight with the amount of thrust applied. You control the attitude of your flight with your feet (toes up to go backward–toes down to go forward–feet level to hover). You can turn the Flyboard by adjusting the level of your feet from side to side (raise your right knee to go left—left knee to go right).

Step Five – Enjoy the sensation of flying! Smile! Relax! Take a look around at the people on the bay. Show your newly acquired Flyboarding skills. Let our team take a killer picture and post that baby on Facebook or Instagram. You’re a Flyboarder now!!!

If you fall, and you will fall, do it away from the PWC. If you are in the water near the PWC, make sure to point your feet (with Flyboard attached) towards it. The small amount of thrust still pumping through the Flyboard will keep you from hitting the PWC. Remember, the Flyboard is simply dragging the PWC along and its operator has little control of direction when the Flyboard is attached. Stay alert after a fall! We are here to help you have the best flyboard experience in Puerto Rico. We are certified instructors with years of experience. Come and fly with us. In Old San Juan Bay the ride will be easy cause the low winds and no waves waters.